Workshop for Partnership and Networking on Hydrogen Technologies

January 25, 2022 (09:00-12:30)

The ‘Workshop for Partnership and Networking on Hydrogen Technologies’ is intended to bring the academicians, researchers, scientists, and students together to lead a new effective network and collaboration between the universities, industrial partners, and government. In this workshop, speakers from research groups working on hydrogen technologies will introduce their group, and present their past and current research projects, collaborations, infrastructures, and future research strategies.

09:00-09:05Welcoming Remarks 
09:05-09:20Hydrogen Energy Technologies Association and TUBA-Energy Working Group ActivitiesProf. Dr. İbrahim Dinçer
09:20-09:35The Development and Production of Fuel Cell and Electrolyzer in TEKSISHüseyin Devrim
09:35-09:50Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Research at Sabancı UniversityProf. Dr. Selmiye Alkan Gürsel
09:50-10:05Hydrogen/Fuel Cell Research and Demonstration Activities at TUBITAK Energy InstituteDr. Suha Yazıcı
10:05-10:20Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Research in ATILIM UniversityProf. Dr. Yılser Devrim
10:20-10:35Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Research Activities in DEU-MEProf. Dr. Can Özgür Çolpan
11:00-11:15Biohydrogen Research Studies at Ege UniversityProf. Dr. Nuri Azbar
11:15-11:30Overview of Hydrogen Studies at the GKE R&D CenterAli Keleş
11:30-11:45TENMAK Hydrogen Technologies Laboratory, R&D Projects and Future OpportunitiesRagıp Kızıltaş
11:45-12:00Clean Hydrogen Solutions of AspilsanDr. Can Sındıraç
12:00-12:15Waste to Hydrogen: The Role of Gasification Technology  Prof. Dr. Adnan Midilli
12:15-12:30Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology Studies at Vestel Savunma A.Ş.İbrahim Pamuk

Financial support of TUBA-GEBIP program is greatly acknowledged.