Name Nadia Yousfi Steiner

University of Franche-Comté

Contact information Position: Full Professor, FEMTO-ST, University of Franche-Comté, France.
Institution: FEMTO-ST/ Energy Department/ SHARPAC Team.
Presentation Title

Towards Resilient Fuel Cell Systems


Hydrogen & Fuel Cell systems are very promising clean systems to store intermittent energy and use it in green and decentralized electricity. For the large-scale deployment of these innovative hydrogen-based technologies, it is necessary to bring reliable systems to the market with competitive costs and lifetimes. For this purpose, solutions for tolerance to fault and resistance to degradation shall be developed.
The solutions of interest are based mainly on analytical redundancy and are integrated into the system, using as much as possible, the system’s own resources. Thus, the stack is used as its own sensor. The different solutions developed include monitoring, diagnosis, prognosis, decision and control. The PEMFC system developed has the properties of resilient systems.

  • 2006: Received a master’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in Fluidics and Energetics.
  • 2009: obtained a PhD in Engineering Science in collaboration between the University of Franche-Comté and the European Institute for Energy Research in Karlsruhe, Germany in 2009.
  • 2009-2014: worked as R&D Project Manager in charge of collaborative projects on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in Germany.
  • 2014- : Full Professor at the University of Franche-Comté, member of the FEMTO-ST within the Energy department, Sharpac team in Belfort, France.
  • Research interest deals with Fuel Cell systems characterization diagnostics, prognostics and Fault Tolerant Control.
  • Education: Head of the Cursus Master of Engineering Hydrogen Energy and Energy efficiency H3E, and the international master Electrical Engineering.
  • Awards: 6-years research Chair of excellence, recently awarded with the CNRS Bronze Medal (March 2019) for her research.