Name Ms. Grace Quan
Affiliation Hydrogen In Motion Inc. (H2M)
Contact information

Presentation Title How H2M’s Solid State Hydrogen Storage is Going to Revolutionize the Hydrogen Economy
Abstract The world is moving towards hydrogen technology as a way to resolve climate change issues; however, the high cost of storage and distribution doubles the cost of hydrogen deployment and operation.  At Hydrogen In Motion (H2M) our international team of hydrogen storage experts have developed a revolutionary nanomaterial that stores hydrogen at low pressure, resulting in a safer cheaper conformable and swappable (50bar) hydrogen tank that resolves the technical and cost issues around 700 bar and liquefied hydrogen. With our low pressure high density tank, H2M can roll out a universal hydrogen storage solution which will facilitate a global hydrogen rollout from generation of hydrogen to transport and refueling to utilization of hydrogen in a fuel cell application.
As the President and CEO of Hydrogen In Motion Inc. (H2M), Grace Quan brings fiduciary accountability to the table with her CPA/MBA credentials.  Grace is on the Board of the Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) and the Board of the Sustainable Energy Council (UK). In 2018 Grace Quan, CEO was recognized by BC Business magazine as one of the 50 Most Influential Women In STEM.